Tornado Probe Idea & Concept

The Tornado Probe project was underway long before this site was designed. Over the coming weeks I will be posting articles that discuss the original plans, prototypes (including code), and results of various tests we've done.

Of course as we come closer to a production version I will be sharing updates as well.

For me, the Tornado Probe project was set up as an experiment for me to learn. Prior to this I had no previous experience with the Arduino, any sensors we are using, and had to study much deeper on the topics of meteorology that we are exploring. 

I hope that this site will help other people as they learn. Already several people have reached out asking to help but mentioning that there will be a learning curve for them as well. To me this is great! Just as well there have been several scientistrs with prior experience that have also reached out to offer help!

The goal is collaboration and education by doing, and in less than a week it is already working,.

Anyway look for more updates soon. For now I will leave you with some pictures of the test hardware.