What does this cost?

Nothing. This project is volunteer driven and the goal is to keep it that way. Individual projects may seek to raise capital on a case by case basis depending on need (hardware costs, etc)


No. Not at this time. As this grows there may be a need for donations to projects, however the mission currently is go gather community support through effort and knowledge contribution.

Is this a project for a tornado probe?

The goal of this project is much larger. We envision a number of projects driven by the ideas and thoughts contemplated among the people who join in on the mission of WXOpenSource. Ideas will bubble up and people can volunteer to take lead positions in projects. The project started from an idea to open source designs that we have done for a tornado probe, however, we quickly realized that the need may be much broader.

I have an idea for a project

Great News! We are currently seeking feedback and your ideas are greatly appreciated. Once the project is fully launched we envision a site where it is easy for people to start their own projects and openly ask for support. While we are building this there are a couple of options:

  1. Feel free to discuss your idea on the Open Discussion page
  2. If you would like to have the project added to the Ideas page, reach out to Ray Bohac via email at wxopensource@gmail.com

Why should I join?

The community is being built by people with all sorts of backgrounds, formal and informal. We're seeking a diverse group of people who all share a passion for meteorology, storm chasing, and learning new things about our environment. Although this is not a paid program, it is an opportunity to collaborate with many others. This will help to expand your network of connections and knowledge.

I'm thinking of joining but I'm not sure I fit in

Please join anyway and feel free to watch from the sidelines. Once you are comfortable interacting with others jump into the conversations. Learning is an important and its never to early to start,