Many others have developed, or are developing ideas. I've attempted to list ones that I know of here.

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GLOBALSENSE: A New Atmospheric Observing System Featuring Innovative Airborne Probes

Owner: Mano Nanotechnologies, Inc.

GlobalSense is a new environmental sensing system that will enable transformational weather forecast improvements especially for high impact events by filling data gaps and greatly expanding the time and space density of critical parameters throughout as much of the relevant atmospheric volume as possible. The system features an ensemble of completely disposable, airborne probes called eMotes, mechanisms to deploy eMotes, and receiver platforms to gather data from eMotes.  GlobalSense can have much broader impacts beyond traditional weather forecasting by measuring acoustic, magnetic, chemical, nuclear, or other parameters of interest for surveillance, reconnaissance, and related applications.

Project: CammAnator / Way Cool Junior

Owner: Randy "Outlaw" Hicks


Description: According to Randy he built his first design in February of 2004. It was successfully deployed in the Conways Springs Kansas tornado outbreak that spring over a 10-year period it was deployed in other tornadoes one near Clifton Texas, Rozel Kansas, and also Greenville Missouri; where both Rozel and Conway Springs where direct hits...

After the loss of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young he decided to build an improved design which he calls "Junior".  On June 16, 2014 Junior was successfully dropped in Pilger, NE as seen in his youtube video.

Project: TVNweather Live Storm Chasing 2015

Owner: TVNWeather



TVN lists that the platform is the largest of it's kind, allowing dozens of storm chasers (including Reed Timmer) to broadcast live video of their chases on a map in which you can track their location and movement in near real time.

Project: Titan U: Storm Preparedness Training Films & Web ExperiencE



Titan U is a collection of free resources from, started in late 2011, which are meant to enhance public awareness of severe weather and also help train storm spotters on how to better identify storm features, which helps improve reporting accuracy to meteorologists at the National Weather Service who issue severe storm and tornado warnings. 

Storm Chasing History Anthology

Owner: Blake Naftel


This project aspires to produce a visual anthology, documenting the past of storm chasing culture by preserving the stories, imagery, science, and art of its many unique participants. The story will examine how storm chasing grew from relative obscurity, to the phenomenon it has become today. A visual history lesson will be the result, presented as accurately as possible.

The Sirens Project - UAV Tornado Research

OwnerThe Sirens Project


The purpose of The Sirens Project is to provide meteorologists and engineers with valuable surface data inside of tornadoes that will lead to more reliable warnings and structures. To show the immense applications that unmanned aerial vehicles posses is another aspect of this research project.